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Tabitha & Jonathan Wedding Film - Gardnerville, Nevada from Chair7 Films

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The music entertainment is the heartbeat of your important affair. At Reno Mobile Djs, we are fully committed to providing you with the DJ entertainment package that will meet and exceed your entertainment expectations.

Our slogan "We Make Wedding's Happen", describes our DJ services perfectly. From assisting in the planning of your wedding, to suggesting creative ideas that reflect your personalities, and literally "making the wedding happen" on your big day by making all of the annoucements, keeping the flow going, and coordinating all of the special events of your Wedding.

We understand that there is a stigma with wedding djs being cheesy or making the event all about them. With that in mind we do the best we can to maintain a balance of leading your wedding or event and coordinating everything while still being a background element of your event. We have fun throguh the music we play and our one on one interactions with guests, not by cracking jokes and stealing the spotlight... Lets be real, that stuff is great at a middle school dance, NOT at a wedding.

At Reno Mobile Djs, we pride ourselves on being personable, friendly, and anything but "commercial". Have you called around to other DJ companies and hear them talk like they are on top of the world, like booking them is a privledge for YOU and not them? You feel like their attitude is "Sure you can book us.. send us money and we will send you a DJ". Who wants a DJ like this at their wedding? With Reno Mobile Djs you don't have to worry about being surprised on your wedding day by some random person claiming to be your DJ. You will always know and be able to contact your DJ, whether it be Joel, Rick, or one of our trained DJ's.

It is important for you to select the type of person who will provide the style and personality you prefer. Our hand picked team of professionals are not your typical wedding DJ's. We speak when necessary throughout the evening - working as your MC throughout your event. We let your guests know what is happening as formalities occur. We do not crack jokes on the mic. We do not pull people out of their seats to do the Macarena and the YMCA and the Hokey Pokey. We are NOT those DJ's. We are there to make your night flow as smooth as possible and play an incredible set of music along with the requests you have chosen.

Please browse our website, take notes and write down any questions that arise, and give us a call, or you can use our check availability tool and we will contact you as soon as possible (sometimes only minutes after you click submit!).